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The IP Video Doorphone offers peace of mind and security through the audio and visual monitoring of entrances.

Whether you are a residential or commercial property, the IP Video Doorphone is a cost effective way to screen visitors.



Its two-way audio communication capabilities along with the video images provided through the adjustable video camera and DR-Viewer software application allows you to verbally and visually identify the person at your door.


The IP Video Doorphone:


  • Enables audio and visual monitoring of doors/gates which increases security on residential or commercial premises

  • Allows visual monitoring from any networked PC

  • Provides two-way audio communication between visitor at the door/gate and the person(s) assigned to monitor it by simply picking up the handset of their desktop phone

  • Enables the ability to remotely control the door/gate

  • Eliminates the need for personnel to be physically stationed at the door/gate which improves productivity and frees them up to work on other things

  • Speeds response time to visitors, and delivery and service personnel that require access

NEC IP Doorphone
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