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Your Mobile Workforce Stays Professionally Connected.

NEC’s Multiline Client (MLC) Mobile provides anywhere, anytime access by moving NEC’s desktop telephone functionality onto a user’s Android™ and Apple® mobile devices. It allows call response to be immediate, regardless of the user’s location. Emulating the intuitive interface of an NEC 32-button self-labeling phone display, MLC Mobile solves the business challenge of customers and colleagues being able to reach your mobile workforce. It gives your mobile workforce the visual displays and features needed to perform their job intelligently, while remaining connected.


Users are able to transfer their NEC desktop telephone to their personal handheld Android or Apple device, while maintaining their call connection. Calls are initiated or can continue via Wi-Fi or VPN connection.


A Few Key Capabilities

  • Provides single number reach, simultaneous ringing of devices and access to voicemail

  • Enables programming of ringtones and configuration of soft-keys

  • Offers access to the majority of SV9000 series system features

  • Integrates with web-based UC for Enterprise (UCE) UC Desktop Client

  • Works with Business ConneCT (BCT) and UCE Contact Center Suite for contact center agents

  • Syncs and provides access to mobile device and Microsoft® Outlook® contacts

  • Supports Bluetooth® and wired headsets

  • Supported on NEC’s UNIVERGE SV9100, SV9300 and SV9500 communications platforms (Also supported on UNIVERGE SV8000 Series)

NEC’s Multiline Client Mobile is a true mobility solution that revolutionizes the desktop experience and changes the way businesses use their personal devices. MLC Mobile extends the reach of your staff, delivers integrated system access, and allows for increased efficiency, flexibility and productivity with endless application possibilities.

NEC MLC, Stuart Fl
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