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Network Management

"Phone Systems, Network Management, Medical EHR Systems, NEC Phone Systems"

Computer Support and IT Networking Services

Let’s face it. No two companies have exactly the same IT support needs. So why should you have to choose IT support solutions that aren’t exactly right for your business? At Vantage Computer Systems, we offer a comprehensive range of managed services, technical IT support, and on site support . 

Voice and Data Cabling

Voice and Data Cabling

The design of wiring systems for voice communications has not changed radically over the last twenty years. Bringing a telephone line to a user`s desk is a simple and well-understood task. Data communications cabling systems have undergone many changes during this same period. Data network cabling has evolved from the proprietary solutions of the 1970s, with shielded twisted-pair and coaxial cabling, to the rise of standards-compliant structured wiring systems in the late 1980s, when unshielded twisted-pair, or UTP, and optical-fiber cable predominated.

Disaster Planning and Recovery

Disaster Planing and Recovery

Servers are crucial to your organization’s everyday operations. Should a server die, how would that impact your business? How much money could be lost in revenue and productivity per hour that the server isn’t functioning? Our Server software creates sector-level backup images of your Windows server disk drives. A sector-level backup image is a point-in-time representation of your disk drive and therefore includes not just data but also the operating system, applications, services, and configuration settings. Because your backup image contains everything on your server, when you need to recover its drive, you can do so in minutes rather than hours or days. 


NEC Phones

Vantage Computer Systems can handle almost any application ranging in size from small retail outlets to large multi-site networked facilities. We can help your business grow by providing you with quality new, state of the art telephone systems from industry-leading manufacturers.

Whether your business seeks a simple, rock solid, reliable phone system to keep the calls coming, or a leading-edge system designed to take your company into the Voice Over IP age, you can rest assured that Vantage Computer Systems can meet your company's needs.

HIPAA Compliance Support

HIPAA Compliance

What Are HIPAA Compliance Requirements?


You may have worked with companies that promise solutions, but fail to deliver. Vantage Computer Systems guides you through HIPAA security compliance and never leaves you to question whether or not you're implementing HIPAA correctly. Vantage Computer Systems provides unmatched support. When you partner with Vantage Computer Systems, you will love our detailed work and world-class support.

Network Security

Network Securty

Secure your organization’s systems, users and data with a deep level of protection that won’t compromise network performance.

Protect your business from attacks with a comprehensive range of integrated security solutions, including comprehensive network security, secure mobility and email security.

Gain a comprehensive architecture for centrally creating and managing security policies, providing real-time monitoring, traffic analysis and delivering intuitive reports. We offer a variety of solutions that enable you to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot network traffic to meet your unique business demands.

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